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WheyPro Elite 2,3kg - Amix

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This product Amix sale Nutricion24 produces an anabolic effect on the body and also helps muscle fibers to regenerate. So if the physical training adds muscle protein supplement this increased in size from the first moment you start taking WheyPro Amix Elite.

It is a protein with high amino acid content and low fat indices. It is a micro ultra filtered protein that gives your muscles all you need to develop as quickly as possible and in the most healthy way. For these reasons this product you can buy in Nutricion24 is of excellent quality backed by years of experience Amix that the brand has in the market for sports supplements.

Elite WheyPro Nutricion24 sales is a combination created from whey isolate and concentrate, which helps a perfect solution in liquids such as water or skim milk. Therefore it is totally adaptable to the tastes of athletes and athletes, as not everyone likes the same flavors.

The human body absorbs quickly Amix this product because it has among its patented digestive enzymes Digezyme composition. Ensuring gradual absorption maximum only in the moments when the body requires these proteins. As regards sweeteners athletes should know that Aspartame is free. Instead Splenda contains much healthier and less harmful to the body.

The benefits presented WheyPro Amix Elite are: muscles recover more easily from start to take this product for sale in Nutricion24. Athletes and athletes can adjust the flavor to your tastes, as it has a great versatility and texture. It is containing the sweetener Splenda. It is free of aspartame. It helps to have a higher quality training. Protects muscles from catabolism, especially during sleeping hours. Proteins are the dosing according to body on requirements.

Like taking WheyPro Elite Nutricion24 sales: it should take between a pot or a pan and a half dissolved in 200 to 300 milliliters of water or milk. For best benefits are to perform two to three shots at the time of day most convenient it is created.

Nutritional value per 25 grams:

Calories 94.3 Kcal

21.3 g protein

Carbohydrates 0.5 g

                From which

                Sugars 0.3 g

Total Fat 0.7 g

                Of which

                0.3 g saturated

117 mg sodium

6 mg cholesterol

Digestive enzymes 37.5 mg

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