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In our shop you can buy Nutricion24 100% Night protein is a protein supplement that has the best slow-digesting protein, micellar casein Solmiko Nutricionals Glanbia has been enriched with L-glutamine to have more anti-catabolic effect.

Night 100% protein was designed to help combat muscle catabolism in times of prolonged fasting. It is a slow-digesting protein that slowly releases its amino acids to maintain your muscle mass and simultaneously supplies the amino acids your body needs.
This product Vit.O.Best laboratory. has the advantage of easily dissolve and have a range of delicious flavors, it dissolves easily in water.

The main benefits of Nigth Protein 100%

Combat muscle catabolism helping to maintain and increase muscle development.
Slow release protein
Micellar casein has slow release
Enriched with L-glutamine Kyowa
Delicious flavors easily dissolved
No sugar added.
Micellar casein (solmiko)

Micellar casein manufactured by Glanbia Nutricionals (food multinational leader in nutrition)

Solmiko MPC is a concentrated milk protein powder with 85% protein, manufactured from fresh skimmed milk ultrafiltered. Micellar casein and premium slow release is achieved. In the stomach it is absorbed slowly, allowing the muscles receive a stepped supply of amino acids for a long period of time. For this reason it is that micellar casein is the ideal place to take between meals and at bedtime supplement.

Micellar casein is a protein quality and slow release from milk.

Enriched with Glutamine

The formula of Night Protein 100% contains the best micellar casein has been reinforced with L-Glutamine to enhance its regenerating muscle mass:

Glutamine (Kyowa) is important for muscle tissue repair and recovery amino acid, improves immune function and reduces overtraining syndrome.

Kyowa is a leader in the research, production and sales of amino company.

This brand offers a wide range of amino acids ultra - pure, global leader with over 60 years experience.


Micellar casein (solmiko), L-glutamine, natural cocoa powder, chocolate flavor - cookie, sweetener: sucralose and acesulfame K.

As taken:

Service mix 30 grams in 300 ml of cold water or skim milk and taken once or twice a day, one of them preferably before bedtime.

We recommend taking Night Protein 100% after mixing 50% with a fast digesting protein training, as the time the body best accepts ingested nutrients and allows the same time, a faster recovery and increased synthesis of proteins.

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