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Monster Gainer 1.5kg - VitoBest Carbohydrates

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Nutrición24 offre Mostro Gainer 1.5 Kg di Vit.o.Best 2200, che serve una veloce ed efficace per chi vuole guadagnare la funzione volumizzante muscolare. Con una combinazione di carbonio e proteine di altissima qualità, la formula che porta Vit.o.Best è destinato principalmente agli atleti elite e fisiculturas che hanno bisogno di aumentare la propria massa muscolare. Fate una passeggiata attraverso il nostro negozio on-line per scoprire prodotti simili a Monster Gainer 1.5 Kg 2200,

Know more

2200 Monster Gainer 1.5 Kg complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates (oats and dextrose) which allows a quick source of energy and constant duration is made. Oatmeal is the carbohydrate more consumed by bodybuilders because of its many qualities. Low glycemic index (GI) and rich in fiber, you'll easily get your dietary goals and body development.

Its dextrose as one of the amino acids with higher glycemic index insulin reaction occurs, which mobilizes the creatine within the muscle. As a result we obtain an effect by which the muscle cells increase in volume. This component is recommended as a basis to channel creatine monohydrate to be more effective than the common dextrose.


With a 22% protein WPC (whey ultrafiltration) and rich in BCAA's (L-Glutamine, L-isoleucine and L-valine), Monster Gainer 2200 Vit.o.Best favors the creation of fat-free muscle mass. Also, a good amount of L-Glutamine in the essential branched chain amino acids will help in the recovery of muscle fibers after a hard workout.

In the manufacturing phase of muscle mass it is when the body requires more BCAA's, especially in the reconstruction phase of muscle protein that has been discarded during training. 5% ultra pure creatine monohydrate (Creapure®) is another component that Monster Gainer 2200 offers a necessary to increase strength and resistance element. The ultrapure creatine Vit.o.Best distributes the most innovative creatine market for its meticulous process of elaboration in German laboratories and trust of the brand Creapure®.

Indications consumption

We recommend taking 175 grams before and after training. You can also complement any meal with this supplement.

Mix with water or skim milk (better if mixed with blender obtain)


Dextrose monohydrate crystal, brown oatmeal, instant protein concentrate whey obtained by ultramicrofiltration, aromas, cocoa (chocolate flavor), creatine monohydrate, sweetener (sucralose), dye E-102 (lemon flavor), red dye E-124 and natural coloring E-162 beet red (strawberry flavor).

Nutritional information (per 100g)

Carbohydrates 69.2%

Protein 29.5%

Fat 7.1%

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