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Hierro Complex 60 Caps - VitOBest

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Hierro Complex 60 Caps - VitOBest

Hierro Complex 60 Caps - VitOBest

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In our shop Nutricion24 sports nutrition, can now buy Vit.O.Best, Hierro Complex 60 capsules, is the new Healt Plus, this formula contains iron amino acid chelate of high quality, highly absorbable, is well tolerated and does not produce constipation, along with natural extracts and vitamins that act together ensure optimum utilization of iron.

Iron is a mineral involved in the production of red blood cells. Helps transport oxygen and important nutrients to all parts of our body, it helps maintain normal metabolic functions and provides a feeling of strength, vitality and vigor.

Iron Complex contains iron amino acid chelate that is gentle on the stomach, does not cause constipation or irritation.

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, green dry extract of alfalfa, beet juice concentrate and folic acid added to the formula, what it does is help increase the absorption and assimilation of iron.

Iron Complex of Vit.O.Best has the following characteristics:

Anemic and prevents iron deficiency.
It allows us to maintain stable hematological levels.
Get red blood cells resistant to hemolysis process.
Perfect for periods of maximum intensity.
It helps the formation of new red blood cells.
Iron Complex of Vit.O.Best contains a formula that is completely absorbed by the body. Iron as iron chelate iron aminoquelato Ferrochel is a high quality, absorbable and well tolerated by the body as it does not cause constipation and along with other vitamins and herbal extracts containing acts synergistically to ensure a correct use of iron .

Iron is the most significant mineral involved in the production of healthy red blood cells. Helps the body carry oxygen and vital nutrients to all parts of the body and maintain normal metabolic functions and give us a sense of strength, vigor and vitality.

The aminoquelato iron is soft and does not cause stomach irritation, constipation. The main component is iron Ferrochel® patent developed by Albion Laboratories. A component of the highest quality.

Vitamin C: each dose of Iron Complex, provides 200 mg. Vitamin C. Vitamin C increases iron absorption, besides being a powerful antioxidant.

Beet juice concentrates: beetroot is rich in sodium, potassium, iodine and folate.

Green extract of alfalfa: alfalfa has a high vitamin and mineral content. It provides magnesium, which is very important to control glucose levels in the body. It also helps the blood quality, the health of the arteries.

Folic acid: vitamin B9, is necessary for the formation of structural proteins and hemoglobin.

Cyanocobalamin: Vitamin B12 is an important brain functioning water-soluble vitamin.

Nutritional information:

Iron aminoquelato: 400 mg.

Ascorbic acid 200 mg.

80 mg concentrated beet juice.

Green alfalfa dry extract: 40 mg.

Folic acid 0.8 mg.

Cyanocobalamin (B12) 0.02 mg.

How to use:

As a dietary supplement, take one or two capsules daily with meals.


Package of 60 capsules.

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