Whey Prox Nutrytec is a whey protein supplement high quality.


With a perfect balance of amino acids and high concentrations of glutamine in BCAA very high quality, with maximum assimilation and absorption in the muscle tissue.


It has 37.5 grams of protein and 23 BCAA take 16 grams of glutamine.

With a good solution in water and milk and absorption in 20 minutes, also with vitamin B6 with a very important role in metabolism.



Main benefits:

• Whey protein quality and high biological value, easily assimilated by the body.

• Increases a positive nitrogen balance in the blood, allowing rapid formation and recovery of muscle tissue.

• Better assimilation and rapid absorption.

• Good instant and delicious flavors.

• Amino acids and branched amino acids essential for the organism.

• "Premium" guaranteed. Quality

Immunoglobulins neutralize pathogens and toxins, stimulating antibodies secreted by the body to an infection.



Instant protein concentrate whey obtained by ultramicrofiltration crossflow (CFM), defatted cocoa, chocolate flavoring, fructose sweeteners (saccharin and sucralose E-954 E-955) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

How to use:

Mix 50 grams (about 2 heaping tablespoons) with liquid twice a day.

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