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In Nutricion24 can already get Whey Protein Sequence Vit.O.Best laboratory, this is a protein supplement comprises protein sources with different speed of digestion, also a compound obtained by ultramicrofiltration whey, micellar casein, protein isolate serum, isolated from whey protein hydrolyzate enriched with L-glutamine.

This mixture of proteins Whey Protein Sequence positions on another level, as its advanced formula is a mix of gradual release protein sources containing fast-acting, intermediate release sources and slow digestion.

Ingestion gives us a steady supply of amino acids that help build muscle mass is highly anabolic response. Its rich content of amino acids accelerates the body's ability to regenerate.

This product has the ability to dissolve in water and comes in several delicious flavors.

Whey Protein Sequence and its main benefits:

Increases muscle mass and helps a constant supply of amino acids.
It has fast-acting protein sources, intermediate release and slow digestion
Enriched with L-glutamine Kyowa
The formula includes, micellar casein, whey concentrate, isolated whey protein hydrolyzate
It contains no added sugar
It dissolves easily in water
Whey concentrate obtained by ultramicrofiltration (WPC)

Vit.O.Best This product contains the best whey concentrate Arla, one of the most important multinational dairy. In manufacturing technologies that allow to separate and concentrate the protein while maintaining the natural properties and nutritional value are used.

Micellar casein (Solmiko)

It is a micellar casein manufactured by Glanbia Nutricionals, it is a multinational company dedicated to nutrition for sports performance. Solmiko is a concentrated milk protein powder with 85% protein.

A micellar casein quality and slow release, where the final ingredient retains its properties and nutritional characteristics is obtained. It is absorbed slowly in the stomach allowing muscles receive a stepped supply of amino acids.

Whey protein isolate

CFM has considered the best isolated from serum, because of its purity, and bioavailability aminogram. The whey protein isolate is a highly advanced formula and containing 90% protein.

Enriched with L-glutamine

Whey Protein Sequence has been enhanced with glutamine, thereby strengthening its regenerative capacity of muscle mass.

Glutamine (Kyowa): amino acid essential for muscle tissue repair and recovery. This amino acid is a source of energy for cells of the immune system.

Kyowa is a leader in research, production and sale worldwide of amino acids.



Whey protein concentrate obtained by ultramicrofiltration WPC, micellar casein, whey protein isolate, isolated whey protein hydrolyzate, protein hydrolyzate isolated from serum, L-glutamine, natural cocoa powder, chocolate flavor of biscuit, sweetener sucralose and acesulfame K.

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