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Reco-Pro Amix, is an ultra concentrated post-workout that you can already buy at our store Nutricion24 the best price, it has been designed by a team of scientists and used in their formulas the latest technologies and quality raw materials , to give an optimal and effective recovery, eliminate the lactic acid that have been generated during training and regenerate damaged muscle fibers during training intensity and rehydrate your body and replenish what you need removed by sweating.

Reco-Pro, is presented in powder complex carbohydrates, protein CFM, Instant BCAA 2: 1: 1 Creatine Matrix 2: 1: 1, PhosphoMatrix, Glutamine Matrix 1: 1, UltraGrad Golden Flaxseed oil.

The amylopectin is a complex carbohydrate starch derivative formed by glucose units, high molecular weight, low osmolarity and is digested quickly. It provides energy easily digestible and quick availability, maintaining reserve levels of blood glucose, delaying the onset of fatigue, preventing hypoglycemia and providing higher performance.

Maltodextrin from corn starch achieved, generating a carbohydrate easy dissolution, rapid absorption and digestion. It is pure high-glycemic carbohydrate, has no fat or protein, provides the energy needed for physical activity of strength and endurance intensity and prolonged, releasing gradually blood glucose and thus the feeling of fatigue is delayed and muscle catabolism.

Carbohydrate Palatinose having low glycemic index provides sustained energy for a long period of time as glucose, does not produce stomach upset.

Kre-Alkalyn is a creatine with a pH above 12, it remains stable and muscle cells receive intact form, increases energy and strength, improves muscle performance, prevents the accumulation of lactic acid, increases muscle regeneration.

The CFM protein, a proprietary protein purity, which regenerates the muscle system, nourishing it and recovering it. It is a cross flow micro-filtered protein, perfect for muscle development and recovery, l-glutamine and contains digestive enzymes and free of aspartame.

BCAA in ratio 2: 1: 1 leucine, isoleucine, valine, essential BCAA, because it is the amino acid important in the function of stimulating muscle growth by helping the synthesis of protein and other amino acids of relevance to muscle building. Isoleucine and valine have the function of favoring metabolize leucine for for optimal effectiveness. BCAAs are essential to prevent tissue injury in training, maintain lean body mass, and preserve glycogen stores, not metabolized in the stomach, but do so directly into muscle tissue, reconstructing and preventing muscle catabolism, They are essential for lean muscle growth and reach a level of extreme volume.

Creatlne Matrix 2: 1: 1 is composed of high quality creatine kre-alkalyn, creatine monohidrate, Creatine magna power, in order to regenerate muscle fibers at maximum speed.

Glutamine Matrix 1: 1, glutamine is the most significant for muscle recovery amino acid, is present in all muscle fibers during exercise glutamine is released and needs urgent replacement. Glutamine Matrix is ​​composed of the best glutamines Ajinomoto and Kyowa are micronized pharmaceutical grade purity.


PhosphoMatrix, during sports activity is produced by sweating and muscle contraction suit electrolyte, which becomes a necessity to hydrate the body. PhosphoMatrix is ​​a special blend of minerals that provides the nutrients necessary for blood circulation and combat dehydration.

UltraGrad Golden Flaxseed Oil: Provides Omega 3 fatty acid, which is what is responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system and strengthens the immune system and heart contraction.

Reco-Pro is the recovery prefect, the highest quality in its ingredients and effectiveness in the regeneration and recovery of your body after intense and prolonged sport.


As taken:

As a dietary supplement, use a scoop of Reco-Pro and mix with 200ml or 300ml of water after training.

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    Reco Pro 500 gr - Amix Performance Proteins Post-Workout

    Reco Pro 500 gr - Amix Performance Proteins Post-Workout

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