• Isolate

    What is it?

    Protein isolate Whey protein is a pure with a higher percentage of protein concentration.

    What stage is more beneficial to take it?

    Ideal for people in definition stage and already carry a time in the gym or training, with a lower level of carbohydrates and no fat.

     What kind of people is more beneficial?

    For athletes and athletes. With a rich range of flavors and at the same time with a quick digestion so that the muscles are always well fed and prevent muscle catabolism.

    For what do you use it?

    It is a supplement that is used to compelmentar our daily diet and help us achieve our goals during training.

    What products c is usually combined?

     They can be combined with creatine to increase its anabolic effect while force is increased. Creatine is a supplement of the most used and effective development of muscle tissue in the human body like a great resistance.

    It can also be combined with simple carbohydrates, because in a single supplement a source of protein and carbohydrate buenacantidad are obtained.

    It can be taken during days off?

    It can take days off during accompanying breakfast or as a snack to supplement your daily dose of protein.

    What time of day is best suited taken?

    The most appropriate time of day to take it in the morning with breakfast or during the half hour after training.

    When the amounts of filtration of the protein are higher it will be isolated and pure (90-94%) with a more reduced fat and lactose levels. We benefit by regulating the levels of fat for a better diet for athletes who want to lose weight.

    the feeling of swelling is minimized in some people who suffer when they ingest whey protein or are lactose intolerant so.

    The only flaw I can have this protein is that its price is usually slightly higher for the filtration process used during processing.

    The availability of the whey protein concentrate is more varied and smaller than whey protein. Purity levels can be anywhere from 29% to 89%. The concentrated protein also has higher levels of lactose.

    The selling of its category are ISO Prime CFM 1 kg Amix with a rich range of flavors and WheyPro Elite 85 1kg amix to take it any time of the day.

  • Whey Protein Concentrate

    What is whey protein concentrate?

    It is a protein having a high amount of proteins with lower doses of carbohydrates and fats. Ideal to complete your daily diet.

    Serum concentrations obtained usually 85% protein, 5% lactose. This level of lactose is acceptable but however it is not very beneficial to the intolerant.

    For what do you use it?

    The whey protein concentrate used as a post-training supplement for a quick dose of nutrients to enrich the muscles. It is formed in the first step of the process, when the protein source is pushed through small filters. Therefore, it includes minerals, water and organic material.

    Compared with similar products
    On serum protein isolates there are also some disadvantages. First it is a more expensive protein, which is a factor to consider. Also the common assertion that isolates are much more effective is questionable.

    What kind of people is more beneficial?

    Athletes and athletes taking proteins tend to seek a better body, and this can only be achieved in an anabolic state is achieved largely adequate amount of protein for those who want to supplement your diet with protein shakes, these also you could get the meat without proteins.

    What time of day is best suited to take it?

    It is best taken after training, but can also be taken at breakfast

    It can be taken during days off?

    The concentrated whey protein can also be taken during the days off in the morning by including breakfast

     It is the cheapest form of whey protein and is typically used to introduce a larger amount of protein in the diet, with the intention of increasing muscle hypertrophy. While protein isolate generally comprises more than 90% pure protein, the concentrate reaches at most 89%.

    This difference is due to the concentrated protein it contains more carbohydrates (in the form of lactose) and calories than isolation, which does not prevent many shakes or meal replacements employ these two formulas together. Despite this lower level of concentration, it remains a high-quality protein (as long as one is not lactose intolerant), since whey concentrate includes a generous amount of essential amino acids.

    Indeed many bodybuilders and fitness professionals get up to 80% of their protein needs from foods, not the smoothies.

    Nutrition 24 is one of the most purchased supplements by athletes and athletes stand out among others in concentrated protein supplements Predator Protein 2 KG - Amix Whey Protein and Matrix 50/50 4 LB - VITOBEST Protein

  • Whey Hydrolyzate

    What is hydrolyzed whey protein?

    Hydrolyzed proteins are the best quality, thanks has that are pre digested and thus the body absorbs more quickly and effectively.

    For the hydrolyzed whey protein is used?

    It is used to synthesize faster proteins as they are pre-digested and have a lean protein and low amounts of carbohydrates.

    What kind of people is more beneficial?

    In people suffering from bad stomach or need that protein is absorbed faster in the body, focusing on people who are advanced in the gym and is used more for stages of definition and maintenance.

    What time of day is best suited to take it?

    It notes that to not cause stomach damage nothing can be taken at any time of the day but it is preferable to take it for half an hour after training. It is perfect for those who usually will hurt the stomach with concentrated whey proteins. In addition you can take fasting or not depending on the needs of each.

    Compared with similar products

    You may have a slight advantage over other types of protein such as casein, soy or even concentrate WHEY, regardless of the type of training. This makes a supplement to consider at specific moments of our preparation where further recovery or a higher volume of training required.

    Can you take during days off?

    You can include it at breakfast or snack.

    Most of these these are free of fat and few carbohydrates ideal for those who want to clean up without gaining fat.

    Our body is quite efficient at using protein because unlike fat or carbohydrates, can not be stored. This can be achieved in large part to "pool" of amino acids that are the muscles.

    Amino acids that we get with diet and protein degradation, are used parasíntesis proteic (or process known as protein turnover) for the creation of creatine, l-carnitine or hormones.

    When consumed in excess of leucine it will be used for muscle protein synthesis (FSR) and the rest rust (catabolism reflected as to give urea + CO2.

    It is true that the most influential factor in dietary muscle mass is the amount of protein, there are other factors that can help, as aminogram or proper absorption.

    It is this latter factor comes into play hydrolyzed protein, a protein having peptide, or in other words, fragments predigested protein. However, the% hydrolysis we will not say the quality of the product, and within that percentage may find di- / tripeptides or oligopeptides.

    The hydrolyzed protein helps to improve glucose uptake by muscle and minimize fluctuations in blood glucose, not only it helps diabetics, if not the athletes looking get great shots of carbohydrates in order to gain mass muscular.

     A low glucose uptake by muscle translates as greater glucose available to be stored as fat, or in other words, if you are unable to enter your muscle cells glucose, prepare for a "dirty" volume.

    In short, we can see how in certain sports fields, hydrolyzed protein (wherever high in di- tripeptide)

    Hydrolyzed most requested by athletes this year are Hydrolyzed Protein 1kg ISO - ISO and Hydrobeef VITOBEST Protein Protein 1000g - Amix Nutrition Protein

  • Sequential Protein

    What is the protein sequence?

    The sequential protein is a supplement that combines a number of proteins of different classes, different absorption rates.

    For what do you use it?

    For throughout the day protein progressive dose during day and night

    What kind of people is more beneficial?

    Sequential proteins are equally beneficial for men and women so for people who do not have much time to devote to your diet either for work or other reasons. They help reduce a dose has protein to muscles with different assimilations to nourish you all day

    What time of day is best suited to take it?

    Any time is the right time to take just have to keep in mind that over the next 8 hours your body will be gradually absorbing proteins

    What products is usually combined?

    It can be combined with glutamine and BCAAs even creatine for better results

    It can be taken during days off?

    If it is also perfect for those days you rest avoiding the posting process and promoting muscle hypertrophy.

    Proteins called "sequential" are proteins from different sources mixed, so that once taken go absorbing and digesting a more progressively and gradually a whey protein that is faster absorption. Depending on the brand, sequential proteins can have from two to eight types of different proteins (whey, meat, egg, milk casein, soy, etc ...).

    As an example, a protein containing a portion of egg, whey and another casina is sequential because each type of protein it contains will have a speed different absorption. The whey has a fast absorption rate of egg absorption medium, and casein speed slower absorption. The advantage of such proteins is that they are anti-catabolic, ie, to stay longer in the body and digested more progressively whey protein that is fast, allow muscles have the necessary protein for development for more time is especially useful for people who often do not have enough time to make frequent meals. It is also excellent to eat at night before bed and it will stay longer in the body during sleep.

  • Soy Protein

    What is soy protein?
    Soy protein is a complete protein that ranks up to the best score of Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid (PDCAAS). Soy protein is very low in fat, cholesterol and lactose.

      For what do you use it?
    It is perfect for low carb and high protein diets! Its valuable constituents include saponins, phytosterols and isoflavones. It is one of the best things about soy protein

    What kind of people is more beneficial?
    It is recommended for those who are lactose intolerant, and can be used as a meat substitute. More than an ingredient for a protein shake,

    Women are the ones who can benefit most from soy, sticking to full advantage, although men can experience the positive benefits of soy as well.

      What time of day is best suited to take it?
    After training for restoring glycogen levels in the blood.
    What products is usually combined?
    It can be combined with creatine or essential amino acids are those that the body can not synthesize by itself.

     It can be taken during days off?
    If that is not always reflected daily dose is exceeded in the product description

    Soy protein provides a healthy way to get non-animal protein in your diet. It is great tasting, natural and can have a lot of healthy effects on the body. ! Saponins support healthy immune system function and combine with cholesterol to reduce their absorption into the body through the small intestine. Phytosterols have also been shown suitable to maintain cholesterol levels within the normal range.

    Anabolic soy isoflavones (genistein and daidzein), have not only shown effects as antioxidants, but have shown to have positive health benefits.

    As soy is not a required nutrient, it is not associated with deficiency. However, if you do not take soy, you will lose the associated benefits.

    Soy can be safely taken in a wide range of doses. Only a very small percentage of people are allergic to soy. Soy protein can be used for cooking instead of flour, producing food with high protein content that are extremely low in fat:

  • Beef Protein

    What is meat protein?

    Meat protein is a rich source of protein with a high purity and longer than serum digestion.

    For what do you use it?

    For those who want an alternative to whey protein to prevent swelling that can produce whey proteins

    What kind of people is more beneficial?

    In people who are lactose intolerant and who want to supplement your diet with a good dose of protein.

    What time of day is best suited to take it?

    It is advisable to take it after training and in the mornings with breakfast.

    What products is usually combined?

    It can be combined with Bcaas or glutamine or creatine among others to improve performance during training.

    Can you take during days off?

    With breakfast without passing the recommended dose

    Unlike whey protein which is digested in the intestine, the protein digestion of beef occurs in the stomach. This prevents bloating that is commonly associated with eating whey.

    • The beef is a rich source of protein because it contains all the essential amino acids. • Its biological value (BV) is 80. A good figure, although lower than the egg and buttermilk,

      The average digestion time of lean beef is 3 hours, approximately. • It is very rich in vitamins B6 and B12, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium; all important micronutrients from a sporting point of view.

    It has outstanding amounts of creatine, L-carnitine and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

     Whey protein contains about 5 grams of sugar per 100g. In terms of saturated fat, whey tends to have roughly 2 to 4 grams of this nutrient, whereas some meat protein products are totally free of saturated fats or contain only traces of the same.

    . The meat protein supplements derived from red meat and has been concentrated to maintain the best quality more protein content per gram than any other protein source. In a scoop that has almost the same amount of whey protein, it's effective for consumers because it allows greater protein intake without having to overdo smoothies.

    Again the meat protein is fast acting, decomposes and delivery to muscles with good speed, but does not equal the rate of digestion of whey, whey is digested a little faster and the body takes longer to digest the red meat. Besides meat protein not cause the "swelling" that sometimes tends to produce serum.

    Supplements best-selling meat protein are beef 2.2kg monster beff Amix and 2kg concentrate Scitec Nutrition 100%

  • Milk Protein

    What is the whey protein?

    The whey protein is one of the most used by athletes with a high biological value and perfect amino acid profile.

    What is it for?

    As a supplement after training with rapid absorption and replenish glycogen stores.

    What kind of people is more beneficial?

    It is more beneficial for athletes who need a protein with high biological value and protein concentration.

    Also with a quick perfect absorption for both men and women.

    What time of day is best suited taken?

    We recommend taking it for half an hour after training or during breakfast to effectively complement the daily diet and can take on an empty stomach or with some simple carbohydrates.

    Compared with similar products

    The difference with other sources of protein such as meat or soy is its high percentage of biological value and rapid absorption into the muscle tissue.

    What products is usually combined?

    You can supplement creatine and amino acids for better results.

    Can you take during days off?

    Whenever recommended doses that are written descriptions are respected.

    Whey is the liquid part of milk that is separated during cheese production. Milk contains two major types of protein: casein (80%) and whey protein (20%).

    Whey protein is in the watery part of milk. When cheese is produced, the fat milk coagulates and the serum is distributed as a byproduct (4).

     The liquid that is often seen floating above a yogurt just opens the pot is whey. Cheesemakers used to discard before discovering their commercial value (5).

    After separating during manufacture of cheese, whey goes through a series of steps to arrive at what is known as whey protein: a powder to protein shakes and bars (6) is added.

    The whey protein does not taste good alone, so he usually adds some essence. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are the most popular flavors.

    It is important to read the ingredients label before buying, because some may have unhealthy additives such as refined sugar.

    Taking whey protein is a convenient way to add between 25 and 50 grams of protein to daily intake. This can be important for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, also for people who need to lose weight or are simply lacking protein in their diet.

  • Egg Protein

    What is egg protein?
    It is a protein with high biological value rich in vitamins and good digestion.

     So that egg protein is used?
    It is used as an alternative to whey source for its high biological value and better absorption and lactose intolerant

     What kind of people is more beneficial?
    Egg protein can be used by anyone who needs high-quality protein that meets your daily needs and act on muscle development.

     What time of day is best suited to take it?
    In the morning and after training to restore the body's nutrients.

     Compared with similar products
    Compared to other protein sources has nothing to envy the serum for its high biological value and perfect absorption.

    7 You can take during days off?
    It can be taken with breakfast or complementing some food

    Eggs are one of the healthiest foods you can take. The egg as first-line food to maintain a good shape, egg protein also works in allergic to soy or dairy people. In fact, as you're about to learn, egg protein may be just what you need to achieve your physical goals. However, you must first know the advantages and disadvantages of using the supplement.

    Egg protein stimulates muscle growth and increases muscle protein synthesis. These effects are likely the result of a high concentration of the amino acid leucine.
    Leucine amino acid is the main responsible for stimulating muscle protein synthesis after meals. The only protein source containing more leucine egg is the high quality protein.
    The egg contains between 10% and 20% more leucine than most other protein sources. My doctoral research (Layne) showed that egg protein has more anabolic properties than soy protein and wheat.
    It also increases lean muscle mass to a greater extent that these two sources of protein, even in equivalent deeds.

    The body digests egg protein similar to that good whey protein large capacity increased muscle mass speed. Once consumed, rapid digestion causes a significant increase in plasma amino acids. The muscle cells are sensitive to changes in amino acid levels in the blood.
    A very important advantage of egg off the whey, is that for many people their digestion is much better. There are also many people who doubt about the benefits of eating milk and dairy products in your diet, or who believe that the lactose and the like are not very healthy for health, so in these cases, sports supplementation based on egg protein it can be a very good option, because its supply of nutrients and protein is equally beneficial than the whey proteins.
    Generally opt for one or the other product depends mainly on the personal tastes of everyone, and especially tolerance to one or another product.

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Proteins are formed by amino acids which are connected by a link type known as peptide bonds molecules. The order of amino acids depend on the genetic code of each person. All proteins are composed of oxygen and nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and most contain also sulfur and phosphorus.

In addition account for approximately half the weight of body tissues and are present in all cells of the body, involved in virtually all biological processes performed.

Protein is an organic molecule that helps in part the mass of all forms of life and absolutely necessary in the diet of all animals. Are composed of 20 or more amino acids joined in a linear sequence
Proteins are the building blocks of all muscle tissue formation and muscle strains it consists of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of life as we know it.

Trying to live without protein for a week and see how it feels. Well, studies show that our bodies absorb more quickly and efficiently amino acids through protein sources. Now, 1000mg amino acid makes up 1 gram of protein. Therefore, if taken in 25 grams of protein, which is basically taking 25,000 mg of amino acids.

Anyway proteins normally consumed by athletes, the whey is the most rich in cysteine, a precursor of glutathione (the most potent antioxidant of our body). This cysteine ​​content explains why whey has antioxidant capabilities.

They play a key role in the human body. They are crucial to the growth, due to its high nitrogen content, which is not present in other molecules such as carbohydrates and fats. In addition they are for the synthesis and maintenance of various tissues, such as gastric juices ,, vitamins, hormones, hemoglobin and enzymes (latter part as biological catalysts making improve the rate at which chemical reactions are generated metabolism). Also, certain gases help transport through the blood, such as oxygen and function as a damper to maintain the acid-base balance and plasma oncotic pressure.

They must be stable in the environment in which they are stored or in carrying out their function, so that its half-life is as long as possible and not create setbacks in the body.
The proteins also have some other secondary properties which depend on the chemical features they have. It is the case of the specificity (its structure makes each protein performs a specific function and concrete different from the rest and the role they may have other molecules), the buffer pH (can behave as acids or as basic.

Proteins are essential in the diet. Amino acids that form them can be essential or nonessential. In the case of the former, can not produce the body itself, so they have to be acquired through food. They are especially needed in people who are in growing age as children and adolescents and pregnant women, as they make possible the production of new cells.

They are found primarily in animal foods such as meat, fish, eggs and milk. But they are also in plant foods such as soy, legumes and cereals, although to a lesser extent. Intake provides the body with 4 kilocalories per gram of protein.