Other Creatine

There is another type of creatine depending on their composition and processing during manufacturing

Creatine phosphate

Creatine phosphate is formed by 62.3% and creatine phosphate 37.7%. By joining with creatine phosphate group, the expected results exceed the effects of the monohydrate. These data will never be achieved and creatine phosphate only managed to be a variation of the supplement, even more expensive.

Creatine citrate

It is combined with citrate molecules. While this form of creatine has only 40% of creatine and is expensive, usually it recommended as being very soluble in water and produce fewer stomach to those same persons susceptible to pain. Despite these benefits and not get the level of effectiveness of creatine monohydrate.

creatine malate

Creatine malate consists of creatine and malic acid. This combination improves the bioavailability of both nutrients. This type of creatine is one of the least popular, would still studying whether malate creatine monohydrate is better than so would represent a better impact on the ATP cycle, being more effective for athletic performance dissolves. It is used to treat people with chronic fatigue.

Creatine gluconate

In this type of creatine, the creatine molecule is adjacent to a glucose molecule. Thus the glucose molecules transport system iparticipan as creatine, collaborating with its absorption in the muscles and increasing your profits.

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