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With an index of low fat and balanced. Predator Amix Nutrition Protein is a protein composed of 100% serum. I made a new dietary supplement made from this century whey and rice, known as WPC By buying this protein set all kinds of athletes increase their performance and earn a higher daily muscle mass since the beginning of consumption of the product.

Amix Predator Protein has a high content of amino acids (L-glutamine) that helps muscle recovery after a tough session in the gym. This product compound also stimulates growth hormone (GH), which is responsible for procreation and cell recovery. Perfect for after a long training session combined.

The advantages of buying this product is that it contains the necessary elements to help a noticeable muscle growth. It also acts as an immune enhancer that encourages cellular uptake and transforming large organic molecules into smaller shedding and, more energy.

Aspartame free, so consumers should not worry about suffering from side effects such as obesity or diabetes by eating Amix Predator Protein. It also contains a proprietary blend of enzymes ("DIGEZYME ®") which promotes the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates ingested thus promoting digestive health food.

It is best that you can take Amix Predator Protein in different flavors so you can tailor the compound at will. As you can see, the product is versatile and all users will be tailored to your preferences. Therefore, there is a framework of choices for all types of athletes, but with the common goal of raising the performance in the gym hours and facilitate the restoration of muscles after training sessions.


It has a high quality protein concentrate WPC 100%

Helps muscle growth becoming visible effects of the gym in the first weeks of consumption.

Prevents muscle catabolism, which muscles are not going to lose volume.

Improves the condition of muscles and can devote more time to training.

DIGEZYME ® contains digestive enzymes that promote digestion of food.

Aspartame free.

How to prepare Amix Predator Protein: take a pot or a pan and a half with 200-300 ml of water or skim milk. For best results you have to perform two shots a day. Do not forget to do before training and without having eaten.

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