Lecithin 100 Caps - Scitec Essentials

Lecithin 100 Caps - Scitec Essentials

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Scitec Essentials Lecithin is part of phospholipids, their important ingredients are fatty acids and inositol and choline.

It has hill; a chemical compound that our body synthesizes a neurotransmitter ingredient that is part of acetylcholine, helps you to increase memory. It is often used to treat memory lapses that appear over the years.

Inositol is considered part of the B complex, as the hill also involved in the stimulus. They are two chemicals that stop storing large quantities of fat in the liver, lecithin protects the liver from damage caused by weight gain.

1200 mg of soybean lecithin, 180 mg of phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylinositol and 108 mg per dose.

How to use:
For adults 1 capsule daily with meals

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