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It is rich in amino acids and a low fat rate so the customer is assured that rapid absorption will Amix IsoPure to start taking this product from sale in Nutricion24. Furthermore rapid absorption because DIGEZYME ® contains digestive enzymes occurs. This protein is made to stimulate muscle growth and fast recovery after gym session.

This amino acid is essential and helps after a period of recovery training muscular.Con a purity of almost 100% Amix proteins IsoPure CFM® are a fantastic complement. Further they contain a whey quality. L-Glutamine is also very present.

As it is written in their labeling it does not contain aspartame. Instead responsible for making Amix IsoPure CFM added Splenda, a sweetener that ensures a good taste and it is best that is totally natural. It is necessary to provide at any time fats and sugars. Carbohydrates are reduced to only 0.2%, 0.8% fat and 0% sugars after the process of cross-flow microfiltration CFM.

Manufactured with the latest technology on the market for an inimitable biological value, so with training sessions are given an effect of natural muscle growth (anabolic) and completely healthy. No doubt IsoPure CFM® AMIX ™ is one of the proteins combined with more quality that exist today in the market.

Digezyme® compound is a digestive amylase produced mainly by (enzymatic hydrolysis of starch) protease (enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins) and lipase (enzymes of fat hydrolysis) and also containing cellulose and lactase. With complete assurance that their origin is not animal. The mark is registered in the United States by Sabinsa Corporation. Enzymes having Amix IsoPure are very resistant to the actions of the gastric juices of the stomach so that the stomach digestive action is preserved.


CFM is natural and not chemical preserving the integrity of proteins and thus their biological activity. The CFM (Cross Flow Micro Filtration) helps keep soil proteins isolated from ion exchanged technique. There are many differences between the techniques for this serum.

It contains lipids, lactose or cholesterol. It also has low sodium levels.

AMIX ™ features IsoPure CFM®:

Only proteins isolated from lacto-serum by microfiltration CFM.

Rich in free amino acids, di-peptides and tri-peptides that are immediately reabsorbed.

Abundant sign of high quality product and its wealth isolated from serum, since free aminácidos, being small molecules, have tesioactivas properties (foaming).

Very easy to digest, it is necessary to consume even before training.

Nothing viscous as whey protein consists solely free amino acids, di-peptides and tri-peptides (proteins are not heavy texturing as caseinates, for example).

Instructions: The basic dose AMIX ™ Whey Isolate IsoPure CFM® consists of doses of 28 gr. (1 scoop) dissolved in 200 ml of water, skim milk or your favorite beverage.

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