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Vit.O.Best oatmeal contain oat cereal with a large percentage of 20% proteins, carbohydrates has also sustained release with a large supply of energy and dietary fiber.


Rich in vitamins and minerals its use for weight loss or anemia is recommended. It helps increase levels of good cholesterol and minimize the bad in a natural and healthy way.


Oatmeal is ground oat put in place with high content of fats, minerals and vitamins. It is recommended for preventing anemia States and most cardiovascular diseases.


The slow absorption of carbohydrates in the body reduces hunger for a very long time recommended in slimming diets.



- It is a good source of protein and essential amino acids

- Help the proper functioning of the heart

- High energy input

- Helps control appetite

- Optimizes digestion

- Strengthens the central nervous system

- High in fiber

- Avoid thyroid problems

- It is highly cleansing for the body

- High in Vitamins

- Source Minerals

- Suitable for Vegans


Avena content:

Apart from vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fiber, oats gives you a lot of energy and is an essential food for athletes, for its high content of macronutrients.


Fatty acids:

It is a cereal that has the highest percentage of vegetable fat per 100 grams, covering 1/3 of your daily requirement (65% of unsaturated fatty acids and 35% linoleic acid).


Oats has slowly absorbed carbohydrates and rapid assimilation, they provide you energy over a long time, prevents glucose deficiency and the onset of fatigue during intense workouts.


Has six of the eight amino acids necessary for proper protein synthesis occurs, so this cereal has a high biological value, too, can be combined with other plant foods, increase the proportion of amino acids, making it ideal for your body.


How to use:

Ideal for incorporating recipes.