In our store you can Nutricio24 laboratory and get Instant Oatmeal Vit.O.Best 500 gr. It is delicious oatmeal flakes ideal to consume at any time of day, either breakfast or snack with skim milk cold or hot. Oatmeal is a cereal rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B, it contains unsaturated fat and Omega, as well as providing fiber.

Oat is an important cereal.

Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate rich in starch, so it is a very important source of energy. It is a thiamine-rich cereal protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B1, which provides minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. It also provides unsaturated fats and lots of Omega 3 which helps to reduce blood cholesterol. It also has a non-toxic alkaloid called "avenine" which has a sedative effect on the nervous system. It also helps to maintain a normal blood sugar level.

Oats are an important food for athletes with a high physical wear or to provide energy to your diet to increase your performance and fat-free muscle mass.

This excellent cereal is an essential part of the diet of active, healthy people and athletes, providing a natural energy that is ideal for use in breakfast, snacks or in the preparation of prepared meals.

Oatmeal is often used as breakfast, snack or to recover muscles after hard workouts. It can be taken directly with water, skim milk or yogurt you can also be added to cooked dishes such as oatmeal pancakes and egg.

Ten Reasons eat oats:

 Source of protein and amino acids.
 Good for the heart.
 Power source
 It helps control appetite and weight.
 Improves digestion
 Helps the central nervous system
 It's high in fiber.
 Prevents thyroid problems.
 It gives us more energy for longer
 It is purifying.
Vit.O.Best sports nutrition company.

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