Anabolic Whey 900gr - Scitec Nutrition

Anabolic Whey 900gr - Scitec Nutrition

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Anabolic Whey 900gr - Scitec Nutrition

Anabolic Whey 900gr - Scitec Nutrition

36,00 €

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Scitec Nutrition Anabolic Whey contains whey protein concentrate of excellent quality, with an amino acid profile that gives us a quick assimilation into muscle tissue and serum protein isolated microfiltered has developed low pressure and temperature with innovative method called cross flow micro filtration providing all the important amino acids.


It is a supplement containing whey protein, which promotes increased muscle mass and fat loss and stimulating good health.


It has a high biological value whey protein concentrate and whey isolate, which can not take the amount needed by the body.

Main characteristics:

- Anabolic Protein for athletes who want to increase quality.

- Increase the speed of assimilation as it has whey protein concentrate by ultrafiltration and whey protein isolate.

- With amino acids, peptides and protein microfractions.

Includes glutamine and taurine.

- Easy to digest comes in great flavors.


Taurine is absorbed from the amino acid methionine is a metabolic chain in which several molecules where oxidation and demethylation occur appear.

Taurine is involved in many vital processes, such as neurotransmitter reinforcing regulate sodium and water in the body inside the cells and stabilizing cell membranes. Involved in the detoxification of chemical substances and is involved in the synthesis and the work of the bile.


Glutamine maximizes protein synthesis, reduces muscle tissue breakdown and cortisol levels, and raises the cell volume in the muscles.

Glutamine is also able to climb naturally up to 400% creating growth hormone. Nitrogen runs the builder of muscle tissue to muscle cells that synthesize for its overall performance .It is an amino acid that can become essential in situations following an intense workout, when the body can not synthesize glutamine in the blood and thus complete and meet their needs.


Concentrated ultrafiltrated whey protein (contains: lactalbumin, lactoglobulin, lactoferrin, immunoglobulin microfractions protein fractions), "Amino Shuttle 2" (dextrose, L-glutamine, taurine), concentrato milk protein, "Zero Carb" isolated whey protein, isolated whey protein Micro Ultrafiltered, milk protein isolate, xantham gum, aspartame *, acesulfame-K, natural and artificial flavors (vanilla).

* Phenylketonuria: contains phenylalanine!


How to use:

Anabolic Whey can be used with any meal to boost its protein content or alone under special circumstances (diet, before bed, etc.).

Depending on your lean mass and nutritional needs, use 1 (30 grams) to 4 servings daily.

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