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Anabolic Kickstart has been  naturally after training and at the same time help the body return to a state of muscle growth as soon as possible.
Anabolic Kickstart has in its formula with the two best sources proteins that exist to achieve its twin goals, first stop catabolism.
On the one hand has whey protein which is an anabolic protein which stimulates rapid absorption increase in muscle tissue.

On the other hand it provides a significant dose of casein protein is a slower absorption, which has great anti-catabolic effect, ie, slows the processes that take place in the muscles after a hard workout, destroying them.
The whey protein is a protein of excellent quality that assures us that all important amino acids and protein microfractions.

The slow absorption of casein ensures that amino acids into the bloodstream up to 7-8 hours.
Casein is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA), which are of vital importance for building lean muscle tissue fat, and is also particularly rich in glutamine - even more than the whey - which is essential from the point of view of increased muscle mass.

You can eat a natural source of solid carbohydrate, such as a fruit (we prefer bananas or raisins), or the best carbohydrate design VitarGO !, or consume the most efficient transport system creatine, VITARGO CRX as a smoothie extra strong.

Concentrated whey protein ultrafiltered crossflow cold, calcium caseinate, L-glutamine, chocolate chips, cocoa, L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, aromas of chocolate and milk chocolate, aspartame * .
* It contains a source of phenylalanine.
They can not consume phenylketonuria patients. (PKU is a genetic disease in which case patients can not consume the amino acid phenylalanine, present in normal foods.)
Chocolate: chocolate chips, cocoa and chocolate flavor milk chocolate, aspartame *
How to use:
Anabolic Kickstart is ideal for use after training.
Consumed a dose, possibly with some type of carbohydrate.
You can consume any solid natural food, such as fruits (we prefer bananas or raisins), but you can also combine it with the carbohydrate VitarGO! or with the creatine transport system VITARGO CRX.
Naturally, the product can also be consumed itself, or at any time of day with any meal, to increase the protein content of the food.

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