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Vit.O.Best amylopectin is a carbohydrate of high molecular weight and low osmolarity, recommended for athletes with the contribution of glycogen as an energy source in muscles.


Has more than more common molecular weight, plus transport to the stomach is much faster in their intestinal transit


A suitable dosage to have optimal glycogen levels before training for maximum athletic performance and soon in the stomach without stomach pains.

Improved synthesis of nutrients providing a better energy during training.




• Regulates level much faster muscle glycogen

• Optimizes performance

• It prevents the destruction of muscle protein

• Rapid absorption and availability

• Low osmolarity

• Energy input


 During training stops fatigue, it is consumed energy as glycogen in the liver provides, amylopectin improves fatigue during exercise

To recover and build muscle: after a session of intense training the muscle begins to rebuild small fractures that have occurred.


It is perfect to take a protein shake with amylopectin. It helps us to replenish spent glycogen and repair damage from intense training. It is interesting to amylopectin to avoid losing muscle mass that hard-earned, because the body can consume muscle as fuel to replenish lost energy when you do not have fat reserves.




Waxy maize amylopectin (corn pure powder, hydrolyzed starch), flavors and colorants


How to use:

Take 50 grams of Amylopectin (approximately filled scoop) mixed with water before exercise and another equally taken after the completion of the exercise.